Coaching with MINC.Care

Self Care to Success (S2S)

Constantly in the loop of burning out?
Having difficulties to stay focused on your goals?
Let us help you identify and build a sustainable system to achieve your goals!

What is S2S Program?

The Self-Care to Success (S2S) Program is a coaching journey designed to help multi-passionate individuals like you!

My coaching style helps you to find your "blindspots" that may have contributed to the loop you are trying to get out. I use efficient questioning and worksheets to help you achieve your goals.

At the end of the program, you will be able to have the resources to get out of the rut and build the lifestyle you have always wanted.

Phase 1: The WHY

Phase 2: The ONE

Phase 3: The SYSTEM

Group Coaching Process


Book your slot and start with a 30 minutes consultation call with your coach to find out your profile

Identity Matching

Sessions will be scheduled according to your profile identified in the initial 30 mins pre-screening call.

Taking Action

Start the program and enjoy the tiny shifts that comes along!

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